Fun in Dublin, Ireland

I have had some fun experiences in Dublin, Ireland. The best part is the friendly people.

Walking around Dublin- in Sep 2010

My first trip was in September 2010. I was there for work, but I took a day off to soak in  the city. On that day, I walked into a pub to eat. It was around 3pm on a weekday, so I was the only one in the restaurant. My waiter suggested the “best” meal, and I ordered it.  Then, a nice old man walks into the restaurant, looks around, and comes to my table to sit and chat with me. He also ordered the best meal. We had a wonderful meal and conversation, as we enjoyed learning about each other.

I won 30 euros (around $35) at this casino in Dublin

I also remember winning in a shady casino in downtown Dublin. I turned 20 euros into 50 euros via slots! I don’t think people won in that casino very often, as it seemed like a really big deal for the staff to pay me. I gladly took my winnings and never looked back… except to take a picture of the casino. 😁

Earlier this year, I spent a 3-day weekend in Dublin, Ireland. My husband and I needed to fly back to the U.S. from Amsterdam, so we planned our trip back via Dublin, then Boston. We learned that we like the Irish airline, Aer Lingus.

We used hotel points to stay for free at the Intercontinental Hotel. It was several blocks from downtown, and it was quiet.

We walked all around the south side of the city on this second trip. We both vow that next time, we’ll see more of the countryside.  In the meantime, here is a silly 1-minute summary of our weekend in Dublin:


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