My Shirt Doesn’t Stink – Really!!!

I own what I need. When I buy something new, it replaces something I already own. I’m happy to contribute less to rampant consumerism by making ideal purchases based on research and experience.

When I first started living in hotels 6 years ago, my suitcase contained a mix of my favorite clothes from the past – mostly dresses, pants, and blouses. My pants and dresses took up a lot of space, and my blouses easily wrinkled. I originally wore these clothes because I was frequently working in an office. For the past few years, I have been working remotely and traveling more, so more casual, travel-friendly clothing is more appropriate.

Any friends we’ve seen in the past couple of years knows how exciting my husband Dan and I get when we talk about our favorite clothing line: Tasc Performance. Their clothes are comfortable and travel-ready because they are thin, fold easily, and hardly wrinkle. Best of all, they are stink-proof. Even on the hottest days, with profusive sweating, our Tasc shirts have no smell. You can find my husband in a Tasc shirt, Tasc shorts, Tasc underwear, and Tasc socks! I love that I can hug him anytime, and he never stinks! Buy them on

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