My Favorite Hotel in The World: Hilton Amsterdam

I have stayed in over 100 different hotels around the world due to my hotel-living lifestyle, and I have one clear favorite: Hilton Amsterdam. I consistently have a very comfortable and enjoyable stay.

I book Hilton Amsterdam anytime they have an affordable rate while I’m in Amsterdam. I am frequently in Amsterdam because my daughter lives there. It’s been a couple of years since my last visit, so when I recently booked for 2 weeks, I had all my fingers crossed that I would still receive the lovely hotel experience to which I’ve become accustomed. I was not disappointed.

My husband and I arrived quite early, so they gave us a key to the executive lounge. We sipped on warm beverages and enjoyed the skyline while we waited for our room to be ready.

The Room

As a Diamond (top tier) Hilton Honors member, I received a complimentary upgrade to a “King Junior Suite.”

I have always been pleased with my upgraded room during previous stays, but this room is my new favorite. It was livable and functional, with plenty of drawers, desk space, and even a lovely sofa. As with all Hilton hotels in my experience, the beds and pillows are high quality and comfortable. There is a fridge with space for my own goodies, and they provide 2 bottles of water per day.


I greatly enjoyed the wonderful view of Amsterdam and nature. It was a joy to open my curtains each morning.

The view of the Amstel Canal from my 5th floor room

I love taking multiple walks a day, and the Hilton Amsterdam makes an excellent hub. I can easily walk to Vondelpark (a large nature park), a shopping district, a museum district, and lots of little shops and restaurants. I can also easily walk to a train station that can take me anywhere else in The Netherlands.

Libby and Hilton Amsterdam hotel
On the bridge in the back of the Hilton Amsterdam, with my suite circled in red

However, since I visited in February, some days were super cold. I called about being a bit chilly, and the front desk had someone set up a space heater in our room, and gave us extra blankets. I was happy to be extra warm so instantly.


On those cold days, I made use of the hotel gym. Its state-of-the-art equipment has QR codes that you scan, and an app on your phone keeps track of your reps and weight as you use the machines.

Me in one of three “rooms” in the Hilton Amsterdam gym

Executive Lounge

Also, as a Hilton Diamond Honors member (my loyalty reward), my husband and I receive unlimited free access to the Executive Lounge. It is usually very quiet in there; no kids, usually just people reading and relaxing. There are always complimentary snacks and beverages, and in the evening, there is a variety of food “offerings” which rotate between Italian, Asian, Dutch, and Mediterranean.

Hilton Amsterdam Executive Lounge
The Executive Lounge at Hilton Amsterdam

For breakfast, Hilton Diamond members are given the option of eating a full breakfast in the restaurant, or eating from a smaller buffet in the Executive Lounge. I greatly appreciate having this option. In the restaurant, I can order something special, like an omelet, or I can have a nice healthy bowl of steel cut oatmeal. However, on most days I end up choosing the Executive Lounge because it’s much less crowded.

Hilton Amsterdam Executive Lounge Breakfast
Breakfast options in the Executive Lounge


The Executive Lounge Host Manuela shows my husband his food options

The Executive Lounge always has a host who maintains the food and is there to help… and to chat now and then. I enjoyed meeting Bien, George, Franz and Manuela on my last visit. They are all professional and service-oriented, but also nice and friendly people. On the first day, Manuela learned about my husband’s various food allergies and limitations, and she went out of her way to help make sure he had something to eat every day.

Another example of exemplary service was when my husband had a bad headache. The hotel shop was closed, but I went downstairs and mentioned the problem to the Concierge. He basically took me by the arm until we found the right people and found the right closet where some headache medicine was stored. He handed me the pills, and I felt his genuine concern that my husband’s headache would get better (which it did shortly after taking the medicine.) Overall, all of the staff members make me feel welcome and comfortable.

Daily housekeeping service was excellent, and our primary housekeeper Fatima was super pleasant. The hotel provides turndown service in the evenings, i.e., a magical fairy enters my room to tidy things up and make my room even more inviting.


John Lennon and Yoko Ono at Hilton Amstersdam in 1969

The hotel also has some interesting history, including a demonstration by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. They spent their honeymoon in the Presidential suite of the Hilton Amsterdam and had a week-long “Bed-In for Peace” in March 1969. For about 1500 euros (~$1800), you can spend the night in the John and Yoko room!  Better yet, a staff member told me that I could simply ask to be shown the room if it’s vacant. I think I might do that next time.

I think it’s clear why this hotel is my favorite in the world! I also love being in Amsterdam, so I hope there are many more stays here in my future.


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