Hotel Sweet Home Book Launch

Hotel Sweet Home is now on and Amazon sites world-wide! It is available as a paperback and Kindle ebook. (To view and read a Kindle ebook, download the free Kindle app for your device, PC, or Mac.)

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Libby Rome lives a carefree, luxurious hotel lifestyle. Owning no home or car, she travels the world with only two carry-on bags. She works remotely from her hotel room, or wherever she desires, such as a Hawaiian beach or a café in Paris. Her minimalist, hotel lifestyle is free of chores, errands, bills, and worries!

Hotel Sweet Home by Libby Rome

Hotel Sweet Home shares Libby’s inspiring story about shedding traditional constraints and embracing a new service-based lifestyle. Do you want to replace chores and errands with freedom and travel? Do you need to gain control over your debt? Are you considering retirement options? Learn how you can save money, travel the world, and enjoy life through minimalism and hotel living.

Discover how affordable hotel rooms can be using promotions, credit cards, and points. Learn tips for booking, checking in and out, and eating in hotel rooms. Frequent travelers will understand the most effective ways to maximize loyalty benefits, such as complimentary food, gifts, and suite upgrades. Save money while enjoying the best hotel vacations and discover the intriguing hotel secrets that only experience (or this book) can teach you.

Reviews (so far!):

“It is a fascinating read.” – Amazon Purchaser

“The author did a fantastic job in providing an overview, guidelines, and specific tips.” – Amazon Review

“If you’re considering this lifestyle, or you simply just travel for work, or just interested at all, I surely recommend this book.” – Amazon Review

“It’s so interesting, I can’t put it down.” – Reader from Facebook

“This is a great book in understanding how it works and all the pros and cons, ins and outs. Recommended!” – Amazon Review

“The life Libby is living everyday seems strange to us owners of so much stuff but when you see what an amazing lifestyle this is, I wanted to sell everything and follow her. Then I remembered I have dogs and horses but if I didn’t I would absolutely follow Libby’s lead. Everyone should read this book.” – Reader from Facebook

“Easy and fun to read.” – GoodReads Review

“Loved this book. Easy and quick to read and full of awesome tips. Really got a different perspective on things within about 20 mins of reading. I would highly recommend this book for anyone really.” – Amazon Review

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