Top 10 Best Things About Living the Hotel Lifestyle

My driver license has a Hilton hotel as my address. That’s about as tied down as I will ever be.  Everything I own fits in one suitcase. I don’t run errands, I don’t do chores, I don’t drive, and I don’t pay bills.  I never liked those things, so I got rid of them!  I am thrilled with this lifestyle. Following are what I consider to be the top 10 best things about living the hotel lifestyle.

1. No clutter.

dresses in my closet at the Hilton hotel. They are lightweight and can fit in one suitcase.
My clothes make up 90% of what I own.

I own a reasonable wardrobe, and one of everything I need.  Less stuff means less to keep track of, less to clean and maintain, more freedom, more time, more money, and less impact on the environment.  By becoming less materialistic, I have also become more appreciate of what’s truly important in life.

2. No bills.

Before I woke up from the “American dream,” I owned a house and a car, both which came with lots of bills.  With the hotel lifestyle, I pay no utilities, no property insurance, no property taxes, etc.  I also don’t have any unexpected fees or risk of fines.

Instead, virtually eBlue Sky American Expressvery expense I have is on one credit card. I researched and found the best credit card for my lifestyle: the American Express Blue Sky Preferred card. It pays double points for hotels and restaurants.  If a restaurant or service provider does not accept American Express, I use my bank Visa.  I set up alerts to keep an eye on things on my credit card and checking account balances, but other than that, my life finances are simple and automated.

3. Rewards.

Credit Card Rewards: With all of my expenses on the American Express Blue Sky Preferred card, I receive 2% of of my expenses as cash back. That’s just free bonus money…. every month!

Hilton HHonors Diamond elite status for staying in Hilton Hotels
Hilton Diamond status

Hotel Rewards:  Because I am the highest level (Diamond) of Hilton’s rewards program, I earn 50% bonus points for my hotel stays, and I generally can count on earning 200,000 points per quarter. That’s enough points to pay for a week in a lower-end Hilton or 2-3 days at a higher-end Hilton.
So, for example, if I save my points for one year, I could stay for free for a month at a Hilton Garden Inn in Las Vegas, or I could stay for free for 8-12 days at a Hilton resort in Honolulu.

4. No chores.

Rather than spending time maintaining my home and car, I choose to spend time how I wish, such as reading a book, going for a leisurely walk, or… blogging!

A/C stops working? Toilet stops working? Issues with TV or other appliance? I just call Maintenance, who will fix it quickly and for free.

I don’t worry about the landscaping service, pest control, fence repairs, snow shoveling, mowing the lawn, etc. Beautiful landscaping is built into the hotel lifestyle!

Regular housekeeping service (or an invisible elf, I can’t tell) keeps the room clean, clears the trash, and replaces the linens.

5. Service, service, service.

If there is anything I need to feel comfortable, safe, and healthy, I can ask the staff for it. For example, I can call downstairs anytime for some water, and they will promptly bring me cold bottles of water for free. When my kitchen knife needs sharpening, I simply ask the kitchen staff to sharpen it for me.

6. Access to facilities.

The hotel lifestyle provides a pool and hot tub without the fees and maintenance. Beach towels, lounge chairs, etc. are provided and maintained.

The hotel gym is quite convenient with lots of machines and free weights. There are no membership costs, and no equipment maintenance. Showers are just right upstairs – in the privacy of my own room.

Hotels also include an office area where I can use the computer and print documents. Most office supplies are available for free upon request.

If I feel like lounging around on a couch by a fireplace or playing a board game on giant table, those kinds of things are also available.

7. Stress-free commute.

I can choose hotels that are within a couple of blocks from my office. There is no need to ever drive in traffic or be in crowded mass transportation. I love walking to work, but whenever I want, I can also ride to work via the hotel’s free shuttle. If I’m going further than a few miles, I simply ask the concierge to arrange for a driver.  I spend much less money than I would owning and maintaining a vehicle myself.

Another benefit of living next to where I work: As long as my workplace is downtown or in an active area of a city, I also get easy, walkable access to restaurants and services.

  1. Free breakfast.

As a Hilton Diamond member, my hotel stay includes a free daily breakfast for two. Most Hilton hotels offer a large variety of breakfast items, including lots of fresh fruit, oatmeal, and potatoes. My current hotel has a chef who makes delicious homemade salsa every week. The chef even regularly gives me a container of his salsa to bring back to my room. I love it!

9. Flexibility.

In the U.S., if you stay in a hotel for more than 30 days, you don’t need to pay hotel taxes. Therefore, when I recently found a great hotel near my current workplace, I worked with the hotel manager to get a reasonable long-term rate. I also negotiated this:  When I leave for a few days, I keep the room and pay half-price.  I also have the flexibility of completely leaving with only a day’s notice.

What if I have annoying neighbors? I can move. What if there is flooding, riots, or any other local issues?  I can move. What if my job location changed? I can move.

Also, if I lost my income or became injured, I might need to quickly decrease my expenses. With one day’s notice I can move to a less expensive hotel and/or location.

10. Minimal Stress. Hooray!!!

Because I have eliminated chores / errands / shopping / maintenance from my life, my free time is truly free time.  Life is so short, and I much prefer using my precious time for enjoying nature, being with loved ones, improving myself…. and blogging!

I’m not the only one. Here are other interesting people who are loving the hotel lifestyle:

UPDATE: Curious about the expenses of hotel living or whether it’s right for you? Check out my follow-up blog post: Save Money by Living in Hotels?

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  1. Started reading. A little meh. Continued reading in Robin Leach voice. Made it much better. At least you used complete sentences, which I rarely choose to do.

  2. Libby, Sower of Seeds: the Awareness is the Change

    Your thoughtful writing makes me think about living freely in a beautiful, stress free hotel….
    I have been aware for some time that we are slaves to our homes, automobiles, etc. and do not own them because if we do not pay our taxes, it can all be taken away by the government who owns us!

    One of my views of you is of a caring human being who shares with and supports others by planting Seeds of Awareness. It is said that “the awareness is the change”.

    I have been planting seeds as well during my 80 years on the planet. I find it is best to constantly let go and be EGO-UNATTACHED to any outcome whatsoever and know that people’s growth and blooming will happen according to their readiness and rate of growth. It seems that most humans do not want to change due to false information and brainwashings, however deep within them is the desire to love and grow.

    Her is where I am in this process:
    I am happy being with me and I am open to new positive awarenesses that support me in changing and growing which is an exciting on-going adventure.
    I listen to and follow my inner guidance which manifests a good feeling in my heart and solar plexus. I am happiest when I am sharing the cutting edge info that supports my growth. An indication of my being on track is that most humans are not ready to accept it, therefore they fight for their limitations with no comments, negative feedback and arguments for me to change.

    My favorite way of planting seeds is creating paintings in which visual info shows up and colors project loving, healing energy to the viewer. It is surprising how many people see and feel what they need to see (some images that I have not even seen), either right away which is exciting for me or even years later. As I said, in their time of readiness.

    I honor you. It is not easy being a Sower of Seeds.
    I am always loving and supporting you on your path.

    My Love Always,
    Mom Whitehawk

  3. What are your monthly costs for this stress free lifestyle? I like the idea but wonder about the expense, even factoring in all of the “perks” of not owning and maintaining a property.

    • Geauxbig,
      I’m so gald you asked! My next blog post will be about the financial aspects of hotel living. I’ll provide the breakdown of costs. Overall, I find that hotel living is generally less costly than owning a home, furniture, appliances, a car, and paying for all the services and things associated with owning all of those things. Hotel living is significantly less costly if you place a value on your time.

  4. Now that I’m in the midst of organizing my closet(s) and decluttering, your first reason alone is really compelling to me. Do you find there are any drawbacks? It seems like this might be a reasonable option to consider if one were to be in the position of renting.

  5. Hi She Picks Up Pennies. Thanks for your comment. This lifestyle isn’t for everyone. Some potential drawbacks are: a small room, (although once you’ve been doing this for a few months, at least you’ll get upgraded to a suite), being away from family and friends, no pets, and no permanent address. Some people might see giving up their material stuff as a big drawback. I took pictures of some of my favorite things before I sold them or gave them away, and it feels great to be free from it all.
    I hope you enjoy your decluttering efforts too. 🙂

  6. I l-o-v-e this post and concept!

    We’ve been working our way to this life style over the last few years.

    First we sold the house and resumed renting. Because we want/need to remain in NH for a bit, renting is cheaper than hotels. But once that restriction is gone, we’ll be there with you.

    At the moment we are traveling for the summer and hotel living between apartment leases. It is a little restrictive with our dog but, while he is in great health, he is also 12…

    I just subscribed and look forward to reading more.

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  8. Hi. I was wondering how you suggeat finding a hotel that will have you long term. Most are a month or less. I’m looking for one in Manhattan and couldn’t find anything. Thanks.

    • Hi Ariana. Even though a lot of hotels will not let you book for more than 30 days online, you can call a hotel and ask to speak to the Reservations department and ask for a long-term rate.

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