The Hilton-Like Tropicana Las Vegas

From the outside, you wouldn’t know that the Tropicana Las Vegas is part of the Hilton hotel chain.   Its full name is “Tropicana Las Vegas a Doubletree by Hilton,” and you even get a warm cookie when you check-in.  On my most recent stay, I pushed the limit to answer the question: How Hilton-y is the Tropicana Las Vegas?

As with most casino hotels in Las Vegas, the lines at check-in can be really long. However, if you’re a Hilton Gold or Diamond member at the Tropicana, you can head straight through the VIP doors to check-in.  Instead of lines, you’re presented with cold water, snacks, and helpful staff ready to assist.  I sat down at one of the desks and made the following requests for my room: robe, slippers, a fridge, a coffee maker, and a kettle.  They were able to provide all of these, except for the kettle.  I also asked for a room at the very end of the hallway. That’s especially important in Las Vegas to minimize the noise from people talking/yelling in the hallways at all hours of the night.

As usual with Hilton hotels, the beds and pillows are super comfortable.  The room is spacious and sufficient, and there were 2 bottles of water in the room (also free for Hilton Gold and Diamond members).

The Tropicana casino is relatively small, but still has a decent selection of slots. Personally, I never win on their main floor, although I have had a few strokes of good luck in their high limits section.  The worst part of the casino is the fact that many of the slot machines have built-in rotating ads. Yes, not only are you gambling your money away, but you also are forced to look at annoying ads at the same time.

Tropicana slot machine with an advertisement for the Hilton
Tropicana slot machine with an advertisement for the Hilton

Hilton Gold and Diamond members also receive a free breakfast buffet. The buffet has a large selection, and there is an omelette station. The service is very good, but unfortunately, the food is poor quality. For example, 3 out of 3 times my husband requested an omelette, there were egg shells in it.

Tropicana Buffet
The “oatmeal” and “grits” at the Hilton buffet – not nice

I was going to use the pool until I learned about the extra fee you have to pay for the privilege of sitting on a chair. Also, the business center is absolutely useless. We made several attempts to use their services, and they failed every time.

You have to pay $20/day extra if you want to use a lounge chair at the Tropicana

When I complained about the business center in the  VIP lounge, I was offered resort credit for my troubles. I declined since it was my last day and I already had food to eat in the room. I requested Hilton points instead. Their response was that they “were not allowed” to give Hilton points.

So there you have it… the Tropicana is an “okay” place to stay.  By using a corporate rate, I can stay there for around $90/night with no resort fee. For that price, I might stay again for a short period.  If the rate were any higher and/or I had to pay their resort fees, I would pass on this property.

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