My Return to Hotel Living

I’m back!

After my Type 1 diabetes diagnosis last year, I decided to stop the constant traveling and hotel living.  I wanted to settle down so I could have a regular routine and cook my own food.  I rented an empty one-bedroom apartment and bought stuff to start filling it up with stuff.

Libby Rome working on floor in new apartment living roomI liked having a kitchen, and I enjoyed my routine, which included lots of lovely walks around my neighborhood.  Because of my routine, lots of reading, and getting great support from others, in 5 months, I was able to embrace Type 1 Diabetes with more energy and a positive attitude. I tried to remain a minimalist, but I still ended up buying more than I needed.

Then, the rest of the world began calling to me again. I changed my mind about this whole “settling down” idea.  I gave away most of my belongings for the 4th time in my life. I booked a ticket to Amsterdam that began my renewed life chapter of living in hotels. I made a little video to celebrate!

I have a lot of unfinished traveling and travel blogging to do! I am so excited!!!


  1. I was writing you a message through MeetUp, and suddenly the whole thing disappeared; to boot I couldn’t remember the name of the MeetUp group I was investigating! Something about healthy living. Thank goodness I remembered your name and could Google your blog.
    All of that to say: “I want to connect”. I Moved to PDX in 2010 after four years in Lakeland, FL. 😉
    (Reluctant to post my personal info; maybe you’ll get a partial message at MeetUps?).

    • Thank you so much for connecting with me! I am currently back to traveling the world so am no longer in PDX. For now, I am glad to connect with you, as a like-minded individual.

  2. I like your lifestyle and we pretty much have been doing the same thing for 5 years. (since retirement). Our first venture was AirBnb style leaving for 1 year, basically $36K. I love people’s reaction when we say, “We don’t own anything”.

    • Thanks for your note Steve. It’s rare to meet others who live this life.
      I also love people’s reaction to not owning anything. It’s such a foreign concept to most. I especially love telling other women that I only own 2 pairs of shoes (sneakers and dress shoes/sandals) or that I only go shopping once a year (and always in a different country, why not?). They are so shocked. lol.
      Owning nothing provides so much more freedom! I hope that you’ll keep in touch, Steve.

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