Hiltons of London

My favourite hotel chain is Hilton, and I often stay at Hilton and Doubletree by Hilton hotels in central London.  I have visited and blogged about 7 Hiltons of London so far (links below). Perhaps this blog series may be useful to others, plus it helps me remember which London Hilton hotels I like and why.

The map below shows each of the Hilton hotels where I have stayed and reviewed so far.  The Hilton Fans of London site has a more comprehensive map and more information about the Hiltons in central London.

Hilton locations reviewed so far
Hilton and Doubletree hotels in Central London where I have stayed and reviewed so far.

After staying at each hotel, I ranked them on various features, as shown below.  “0” means the feature is missing or poor. “1” means the feature is provided as expected.  “2” means the feature is exceptional.

After ranking each feature per hotel, the following is my ranking of Hilton hotels in central London:

1st place (tied):

2nd place (tied):

The following hotels were fine, but not preferred:

And finally, in last place, was one central London Hilton hotel to which I don’t expect to return.

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