Hiltons of London: Hilton London Green Park

The Hilton London Green Park is set in an old Georgian townhouse in the heart of Mayfair in central London.

The best part of this hotel is its location. It is between Hyde Park and Green Park.  The main fun areas of London and the best shopping (like Harvey Nichols!) are all within a 20-minute walk. Best of all, Mayfair has wonderful little shops, pubs, and great restaurants within a 5-minute walk. The neighbourhood is also quiet and safe.

Google Map showing Hilton London Green Park

I found a wonderful little Mexican-Polish restaurant called L’Autre on the street behind the hotel. It’s run by a kind, retired Polish man who enjoys serving his delicious food. It also had a wonderful atmosphere, with lots of interesting items along the walls.

The decor in L’Autre, a wonderful Mexican-Polish bistro in Mayfair
There were also several great pubs with delicious food. The bar at the hotel also had great food and great drinks. I especially enjoyed speaking with the friendly staff, such as Joska, Alejandra, and Eleanor.

The breakfast is plentiful and good quality.  They have an omelet station and a porridge station, and I thoroughly enjoyed their vegetarian breakfast sausage.

The rooms were small, but quaint and comfortable. As usual with Hilton hotels, the beds and pillows are quite comfortable.

Hilton London Green Park Hotel Room
Hilton London Green Park Hotel Room
Unfortunately, despite the comfort, it was impossible for me to sleep in this hotel.   The floors and ceilings are super thin and creeky.  I could hear all of my neighbours (upstairs and next to me) talk and watch TV.

Apology #1After a couple of nights, I complained to the front desk, and the staff moved my belongings to a new room on the top floor of the hotel. They left me some fresh fruit in the new room, and I had high hopes the noise levels would be better. They were not. Not only were my Apology #2neighbours loud, but housekeeping was very loud and seemed to enjoy slamming doors.

I complained again, and this time, they brought up a bottle of wine “to help me sleep.”  I appreciated the gesture, and it actually did help a bit.

In the end, due to the noise levels, I can’t imagine staying at this hotel again. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t mind the noise or who can sleep with earplugs in throughout the night, then I would certainly recommend it.

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