Comparison of Panama City Hotels

To finish up my Panama blog series, following is my comparison of the 12 hotels that I visited throughout Panama City.



As you can see, the Hilton is my favorite hotel in Panama City. I’ve written all about it in “My Favorite Hotel in Panama: The Hilton“. The Sheraton was also quite a good value.

Overall, there are some common themes at all of the Panama City hotels:

  • All of the hotels were relatively inexpensive, but you get what you pay for… Panama City is a very loud city, it’s super hot, and the sidewalks are often too broken up to walk around.
  • Cleanliness is consistently an issue. Always make sure you check your silverware and dishes before using them. Also, inspect your room and your sheets right away. If you’re not satisfied, ask housekeeping to clean more.
  • Usually the front desk staff speaks English, but no one else. Google Translate works well, and it even has an offline mode.

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