Fun in New York City

I have been to New York City several times, and I have had a variety of experiences and opinions.

Little girl and Statue of Liberty Tweetie Bird going to New York via American Airlines
My daughter Sarah excited about flying from Houston to NYC in 1999

I had a wonderful first trip to New York City, 20 years ago. My sister Wanda was living and working there. She bought my daughter Sarah and me a flight to visit her and to explore the city.

Sarah and I gladly accepted the opportunity. We had lots of fun doing typical tourist things, like shopping, ice skating in Central Park, and taking the ferry to the Statue of Liberty.

My New York City scrapbook page from 1999
My New York City scrapbook page from 1999

I also experienced the coolest restaurant ever. “Mars 2112” included a virtual shuttle ride in space. I felt completely immersed as I stepped out of a shuttle and onto what seemed like a whole new planet. Aliens served a variety of alien-sounding meals. Unfortunately it is now closed.

Over the past 6 years, I have been back to New York City several times for work. It wasn’t nearly as fun… because I was there for work! Still, I enjoyed the experience of eating a bagel from a street vendor, and  soaking in the unique Big Apple vibe.

This year, I stopped in New York City for a FUN (no work) weekend. It was a good stopping point as I travelled between Los Angeles and Amsterdam.

The best part of my visit was a complimentary upgrade to a Penthouse suite at the Crowne Plaza hotel:

I enjoyed the nice suite as much as I could by myself, but it really deserved more guests. If I had friends in NYC, I could have hosted a lovely get-together. Instead, I slept well in the middle of the big comfortable bed; I enjoyed a warm spa bath; and I joyfully lounged in my living room!

Walking and shopping around New York wasn’t as nice I had hoped or remembered; everything was super expensive, and traffic was ridiculous. I generally found the crowds challenging, the service awful, and the people rude.

I no longer desire going back to New York City, at least not anytime soon. I am grateful for all of my opportunities to visit this buzzing city, but the thrill is gone.

Here is my little one-minute summary of making the best of my NYC weekend:


  1. When I studied in Manhattan, my favorite event was eating the perfectly delicious bagels from the street vendor. I have not discovered a bagel anywhere that compares, however I am not willing to go to NY to get one! I agree that the thrill is gone.
    Mom Whitehawk

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