Meal Plans & Health Coaching

Do you want to lose weight quickly and healthfully? Do you want to eliminate your high blood pressure, prevent or reverse Type 2 diabetes, prevent or reverse heart disease, or reduce inflammation causing pain and other illnesses? Do you want to optimize your health and weight permanently?

I offer a personalized meal plan service to meet your health goals while also helping you to quickly get to your right-sized body. A low-fat, low-sodium diet focusing on a variety of whole, plant-based foods is the key to meeting your health and weight goals. There are thousands of testimonials, like these Star McDougallers and these Forks Over Knives success stories.

Libby Rome Starch Solution Nutritionist

I am certified in Dr. McDougall’s Starch Solution, which is highly regarded as the healthiest and most sustainable diet on the planet. My meal plans are 100% compliant with his recommendations, tailored to your your personal needs and cooking abilities. In many cases, a slow transition to a whole food plant-based diet may be the most effective way to meet your goals.

Personalized meal plans also incorporate recommendations from public health expert Dr. Michael Greger for daily nutrition to prevent disease and to optimize your health, immune system, and general well being. His recommendations are based on his critical eye of comprehensive nutrition research, as he shares in his books How Not to Die, How Not to Diet, and on his site

My meal plans also consider recommendations from other highly respected medical doctors who are experts in nutrition, such as Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and Dr. Neal Barnard. Additionally, I have extensively studied Intermittent Fasting and food addiction. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an expert, because I’m here for you!

I also offer health coaching services to provide you with the support you need to make healthy choices and to stay on-track. As a certified nutritionist, I can provide you with your target nutrition goals, as well as detailed analysis and reports of your food intake.

Take control and get the support you need to meet your health and weight loss goals today!

1 Month Health Coaching + 3 Personalized Meal Plans – On Special $250!

INTRODUCTORY PRICE: $250 (Regular $350) – Offer expires July 31, 2020

  • Health coaching, guidance, and support to help you achieve your goals
  • 3 weekly meal plans with 3 meals daily, optional snacks and desserts, based on your nutritional needs, and optimized to meet your health and weight goals
  • Healthy and delicious oil-free, sugar-free whole food plant-based recipes, based on your food preferences and cooking abilities
  • Grocery list for each meal plan, to save you time and money
  • Personalized healthy eating and food choice guides to help you make the healthiest decisions long-term

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1-Month Personalized Meal Plan

Receive three 7-day meal plans, tailored to meet your health and weight loss goals. Includes personalized recipes and grocery lists. Also includes helpful healthy eating and food guides to ensure long-term success.


1-Month Health Coach Services – $300

  • One-on-one weekly health coaching via email, phone, or online meetings to provide motivation, accountability, and support. We discuss your progress and any concerns, and I answer your questions, provide recommendations and discuss relevant topics. (Up to 1 hour each week)
  • You can e-mail me up to 10 questions per week, and I will respond within 2 business days.
  • You can e-mail me up to 5 of your favorite recipes or ingredients per week, and I will provide recommendations and alternate recipes that are compliant with your health and weight loss program. I will respond within 3 business days.
  • Receive 3-5 e-mails from me per week with personalized recipe recommendations, guidance for eating out and being social, cooking tips, relevant resources, and encouraging messages to support you in your weight loss and health transformation.
Libby Rome Author

1-Month Health Coaching Services

Receive motivation, accountability, education, support, and recommendations for helping you optimize your diet and stay on track to meet your health and weight loss goals.


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1-Week Nutritional Analysis – $120

  • Detailed analysis and report of your calories, protein, fat, sodium, fiber, and nutrients which impact your health and weight loss goals. You will need to write down everything you eat, and send me your journal at the end of the week. If you follow one of my meal plans, you can simply send any variations or additional food. I will provide charts and the list of top foods that impact each of your nutrient goals.
  • Recommendations to alter your food intake to meet your nutrient goals, which I provide based on your estimated BMI and your health and weight loss goals.

1-Week Nutritional Analysis

Detailed analysis and reports of your calories, protein, fat, sodium, fiber, and important nutrients, along with recommendations to adjust your food intake to meet your health and weight loss goals.


Upon payment, I will contact you within 1 business day so that we can get started right away!