World Diabetes Day

Happy World Diabetes Day! November 14th is World Diabetes Day because it is Sir Frederick Banting’s birthday (1891 – 1941). He figured out how to extract insulin from animal fetuses to treat diabetics! A big THANKS for the efforts of Sir Banting and his colleagues. Their ingenuity allows people with Type 1 diabetes to live a full life.

My sweet daughter Sarah created a wonderful video to help raise awareness of Type 1 diabetes. Sarah lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. At the age of 25, she has already lived in 4 countries and speaks several languages. I am so proud of the caring, strong, intelligent woman she is. I am usually on the U.S. west coast these days. We miss each other a lot, but being so far apart was especially rough when I was in the hospital last year.

She shares her global knowledge and interesting tidbits via her vlog called Forever Foreign. Here is today’s post:

Forever Foreign T1D post

And here is the excellent, caring video she made:

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