Making Insulin Injections a Bit More Fun and Less Risky

Animal stickers on Lantus insulin penI think insulin pens are made a little more FUN with cute animal stickers.

Stickers also help me quickly distinguish between my long-lasting daily insulin pen and my fast-acting insulin pen that I use at meal and snack times. I made the mistake of taking fast-acting accidentally once….

A couple of weeks ago, I was feeling extra confident about overcoming my fear. I rushed an injection, and realized immediately after that I had used the wrong pen. I was fortunate to be in a bakery where I could eat lots of pie to cover the huge amount of insulin. Although I will seriously cherish the memory of that delicious chocolate meringue pie, it was risky, and I never want that mix-up to happen again. Plus, after-pie belly aches are no fun. 😳


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