Fun with Wanda

I am lucky to have an inspiring, generous, and fun older sister.

Wanda, me, and our brother, Texas 🇺🇸, 1979

When I was a kid, Wanda introduced me to many of my favorite things, including science fiction, especially Star Wars and Star Trek. She often spent her extra money buying me gifts, like a stuffed Star Wars Ewok!

Wanda gave me gifts like this monkey puppet and Ewok

She also inspired me to follow in her footsteps to become an IT architect. In my 20’s, we lived near each other, and we liked to watch movies, play board games, and scrapbook together.

Wanda and me at a scrapbooking retreat in Texas 🇺🇸, 2003

After Dan and I eloped in Las Vegas, Wanda hosted a wonderful wedding reception for us!

Wanda hosted a wedding reception for me in Texas 🇺🇸, 2004

Dan, Sarah, and I moved to Canada in 2004, then Europe in 2010. Visits with Wanda were less frequent, but more special.

Wanda visited us in Calgary 🇨🇦, 2004

Wanda and I each have one daughter. Our daughters are very close to each other, like sisters!

Double mother-daughter trip to Rome 🇮🇹, 2013

I am grateful to my sister for providing me with much needed support many times in my life. When I was in a car accident in 2014, Dan and I moved into Wanda’s house for almost a year. Since then, we catch up in Las Vegas most frequently.

Wanda and Libby gambling in Las Vegas 🇺🇸

These days we are all travelling quite a bit, but sometimes we can end up in the same city, or at least close enough for a quick visit.

Dan, Wanda, and me during Comic-Con San Diego 🇺🇸, 2015

Wanda took me on my first Disneyworld trip when I was 16. Last year we enjoyed a fun visit to Disneyland!

Fun with friends at Disneyland 🇺🇸, 2017

Just last month (August 2018) I saw Wanda again in Las Vegas. She attended the Star Trek convention there, and she gave me her ticket for the last day. Here’s a little video I made of my Vegas and Star Trek fun:

Hooray for inspiring, supportive, and fun sisters!


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