Best Sci-Fi Comedy TV Shows

There are lots of great sci-fi comedy movies… but where are all the great sci-fi comedy TV shows?

My favorite 2 entertainment genres are science fiction and comedy. I like science fiction for the interesting, often profound ideas about the nature of life and the cosmos. I like comedy because it can be an entertaining escape from reality. Science fiction comedy is delightful combination.

Historically, sci-fi comedy TV series are scarce, and they usually center on a single alien, as in My Favorite Martian, Alf, and Mork and Mindy. However, the following TV series are based on clever humor mixed with thought-provoking science fiction themes like space exploration, lots of alien species, time travel, and other dimensions.


Honorable mention: Hyperspace is a British TV series starring Nick Frost and Miranda Hart. Miranda’s character Teal is hilarious, and the interactions among the crew keep you wanting more. Unfortunately, there were only 12 episodes made, but they’re all great.

#3.) Red Dwarf is my 3rd favorite science fiction comedy series.  It’s a British TV series about a slob, a hologram, a person who evolved from a cat, and an android, who are all lost in space and time.  A reboot of the show will come out this year (2016), so there is some potential for more goodness.


#2.) Futurama has 7 seasons and 140 episodes of quick, witty lines mixed with hilarious situations in space and the future. I love all the Star Trek references too. It was cancelled in 2013, but its large fan-base will keep it alive through art and hopefully a good Futurama game soon.


#1.) Rick and Morty tops my  list for BEST SCI-FI COMEDY OF ALL TIME. There are 2 seasons so far, and every episode blows my mind. Its brilliant humor is explained in The Philosophy of Rick and Morty.


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