Why I Don’t Wear Make-up

Libby FaceI don’t wear make-up.  I used to wear it now and then, and I respect make-up as an art form.  However, it’s not for me, and I have given it up entirely. Here’s why:

1. It feels gross.
I don’t like the feel of make-up on my face. When I touch my face, I want to feel my skin, not “gunk.”

2. It makes me feel fake.
Wearing make-up feels like I’m masking my true self. I prefer people to see the real me. I have imperfections and wrinkles, which just help make me ME!

3. My husband prefers my natural look.
Because I want my husband to enjoy what he looks at daily, I consider his opinion too. Fortunately for both of us, he visually prefers me without it, and he prefers to kiss my bare skin.❤️

4. I care about my health and the well-being of animals.
The cosmetics industry is not well regulated, so the chemicals in make-up can be quite harmful. (Check out Myths on Cosmetics Safety.) I also don’t want to contribute money to an industry that performs tests with lab animals.

5. It promotes gender inequality.
Why is it acceptable for women, but not men, to wear make-up? Women are often judged by their appearance, and wearing make-up sends a message that I support that system. At work, I prefer to be treated simply as a human professional.

6. It’s inconvenient and requires precious time.
When I wake up in the mornings, I am usually out the door, fully showered and dressed, within 15 minutes.  I also fall asleep without having to scrub make-up off my face first. I can exercise or jump in a pool with no worries. I also don’t have to carry around a make-up case, and spend time touching up my make-up throughout the day.

7. It’s clutter.
As a minimalist who lives in hotels full-time, I like to keep my belongings to a minimum. Make-up and make-up supplies are too inconvenient to own.

8. I have sensitive skin and eyes.
My skin and eyes are so sensitive that a lot of make-up leaves me with zits or makes my eyes red and itchy.

9. It’s expensive.
Even if you buy low-end make-up, costs can add-up over time. Higher quality,  cruelty-free make-up costs significantly more.  Personally, I have already spent too much money on make-up I hardly wore.

10. It’s potentially embarrassing.
Wearing make-up can cause embarrassing situations, such as having lipstick on my teeth, or smeared or clumped mascara.  Without make-up, I can eat and drink with no worries. I can also safely cry, for example, about how happy I am to not be wearing make-up!



  1. Now that is a great perspective on the make-up question! I agree and I have eliminated everything except a little mascara and a little blush on the cheeks. The effects of gravity at age 80 need a little boost!
    Love xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
    Mom Whitehawk

  2. I love this post. I am a 54 year old woman who rarely wears make up. If and when I do wear it, my reasoning is because I often look tired (I often AM tired and un-energetic) and I feel that make up helps mask that. I have been trying to follow a whole foods plant based no added oil diet for awhile…. with the emphasis on “trying”. It is sometimes difficult as my dear husband does most of the shopping and the cooking as he works part time (he is an omnivore… leaning towards carnivore) and I work full time. It has come to my realization that I will not succeed in gaining health. and subsequently energy, until I commit 100%. I love the idea of living with less clutter also. I look around and am often overwhelmed by the amount of stuff we have. Your post has given me some inspiration to get rid of some clutter and re-commit to my eating plan. Looking forward to having energy from my food and better health and hopefully less weight on my body. Thank you for the inspiration.

    • Thank you so much for your note, Cheri! My husband is an omnivore too. However, I like going to the grocery store, so we usually go on the weekends. We buy and prepare our own meals separately. I wish you the best of luck with your endeavors!!

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