Top 5 Reasons Continuum is a Must-Watch TV Series

The Canadian science-fiction television series Continuum is thought-provoking, exciting, quality entertainment that is relevant to today’s reality. Below is a countdown of my top 5 reasons that Continuum is a must-watch TV series. (I describe only high-level concepts to minimize spoilers.)

First, a synopsis: There have been 3 seasons so far. If you haven’t seen the series yet, you could check out the 30-second trailer, or read this synopsis from

“When a group of fanatical terrorists escape their planned execution in 2077 by traveling back in time to 2012, they inadvertently take City Protective Services officer Kiera Cameron with them. Trapped in a more “primitive” past, Kiera infiltrates the local police department to try to track down the terrorists before they change the course of history.”

5.  Unique plot with twists and turns

Many of today’s TV series follow a small number of formulas, and you tend to know who exactly you should be rooting for, and you know who you should be booing. Continuum operates in the gray areas, and there are unexpected twists and turns all along the journey.

4. Strong female lead

Rachel Nichols plays the main character, Kiera Cameron. She is a strong, independent, focused woman who is devoted to both her family and to doing what she considers is “right.” Fortunately, she is also open-minded when dealing with her conundrum (See a sneak peek). Throughout the show you can watch her grow as a person and expand her perspectives. She is also a courageous bad-ass!

Kiera from Continuum
Kiera is caught between 2 space-time continuums.

3. Believable characters with minimal drama

All of the actors are excellent, and the characters are believable. Their background stories and internal turmoils are shown by clear and interesting flashbacks. I welcome the minimal use of the typical over-the-top TV drama.

All of the actors and characters on Continuum
All of the actors and characters on Continuum are excellent.

2. Time travel to the future

Future technology in Continuum
Future technology

Continuum’s future setting warns us what could happen given certain kinds of decisions or events. It is also interesting to see the writers’ ideas of future technology: from Kiera’s awesome suit and weapon to her kid’s toys. Some of the technology and techniques have improved on concepts seen in the excellent science-fiction film Minority Report.

1. The plot is highly relevant

The number one reason that Continuum is a must-watch television series is its relevance to today’s reality. Most media does not cover the deep levels of corruption within our system. Also, we are kept so busy all the time, and because we feel helpless, we tend not to spend enough time thinking about the implications of that corruption and what we can do about it. The Continuum plot highlights that corruption in an exciting, entertaining way. Examples include:

The government primarily serves corporations.
More and more people have woken up to the fact that our governments, laws, policies, and guidelines are often bought and controlled by the richest people and the largest corporations, such as banks, weapon manufacturers, and processed food manufacturers. Continuum shows this fact in such a powerful way: in 2019, a “Global Corporate Congress” is established; they run North America and consist of executives from the largest corporations. (Learn about the real-life Bilderberg Group, a group of the most powerful, elite people in the Western world who meet annually but are quite secretive.)

Police are becoming increasingly brutal.
In the U.S., many cops are now equipped with military-grade armor and weapons, which supports their increased brutality. Today’s issues dealing with the loss of civil liberties, social profiling, and corruption of law enforcers are also portrayed in such a way as to say: We better resolve these issues now, before it’s too late. (Check out this excellent article summarizing the latest trends in police brutality and corruption.)

This recent real-life police scene doesn’t look very different from Continuum’s portrayal of the future.

Corporations will do anything for profit.

Continuum uses a few fictitious evil corporations to show how easily corrupt and powerful companies can be. In real life we know that the food industry doesn’t care about our health, the medical and pharmaceutical industries do not care about disease prevention, and product companies care more about profit than making quality products.
Monsanto is considered scandalous, unethical, and amoral.One frequently mentioned evil company is Sonmanto, which sounds awfully close to one of the real world’s most evil companies, Monsanto. The series highlights the fact that these large corporations know the negative consequences of their chemicals/products, but they keep it secret until they are able to make a maximum profit. (See Monsanto News, Articles, and Information.)

My only beef:  Not enough beefcake!

Hey Continuum writers: If you’re going to sprinkle in gratuitous nudity, at least make it more balanced. The audience gets occasional hot naked women scenes. However, it is lacking the sprinkle of hot naked men. There are plenty of opportunities for the show’s primary hunk Carlos (played by Victor Webster) to strip, but the most we ever get from him is a (hunka hunka) chest. The man-loving fans of the show are being cheated.

Garza from Continuum
There are plenty of hot, naked female scenes.
Why don't we get to see more of this in Continuum?
Why don’t we get to see more of this?



  1. I watched the first 2 episodes way back when, I thought it was awful, bad acting, bad writing, just couldn’t get into it.

  2. Nice article! Cool show with Rachel supported by some fine character actors but, just for the record, we aren’t getting any nudity here in the US. In fact, I’m pretty sure SyFy is cutting other scenes to add more commercials (they do the same for Canadian-made Lost Girl). Hoping for Season 4.

  3. Continuum is one of the best shows in years.
 What is Showcase’s problem? SyFy is willing to renew. It has the worst TV slot, Friday nights at 10pm and it still does very good. If they are waiting for some “magic results” in their ratings during re-runs, then they should find another job. The show is in “limbo” waiting to see if it will be renewed. Why would people invest time or money in a show that may be cancelled? These “brainiacs” at Showcase are just hurting the show and themselves. Continuum, with it’s modest production budget, pathetic advertising and horrific time slot stands out as one of the best shows on TV. The sooner they renew the show, the more money they will make, because money is ALL they care about. Defiance (another very good show) is from Showcase and they are using the same “backwards tactics” on that show also. It is so rare that we get a great show like Continuum. Please do not cancel the show because of a couple of stupid and lazy Showcase executives. Continuum is one of the most original, creative, innovative, unpredictable and best written shows in years. I am guessing that it is produced compared to US made shows, on a modest budget. It is possibly on the worst day and time slot there is . AND IT STILL HAS A VERY STRONG FOLLOWING! Despite the almost nonexistent promotion of the show, it has built a cult base on “word of mouth”. The ratings system in my opinion is a joke. How do they, or do they factor in all the TIVO, Media Center recordings, Online viewings, Direct downloads and all the Amazon Episode, Netflix, DVD and Blu Ray sales? I personally do not have any Cable or Satellite service. I will admit that I love the show so much that I use Torrent to “sneak peek” my episodes. Then as soon as it is availably on Blu ray DTS-HD Master, I get that and watch it, several times. If you would release your shows quicker you would cut “piracy” considerably. The bottom line is you and your investors making money. I believe you are, and will make much more if the people who run the company that decides what shows are made would step up and do the job that they are paid to do. If these people are not intelligent enough or have the imagination to appreciate the brilliant storyline, great script writing, excellent acting and creative production done on a comparatively modest budget, then they should find another line of work. In my area the show is on Friday nights at 10pm-11pm. Possibly the worst time slot there is. CANCELING CONTINUUM WOULD JUST BE “LAZY” AND “STUPID”.

  4. Totally agree with your top reasons for watching Continuum. I just finished binge watching all three seasons on Netflix and can’t wait for season 4. Now I’ve got two Canadian scifi shows to follow (three if you include Love It or List It). I think this is the first Canadian show I’ve seen that proudly admits it’s in Canada, Vancouver specifically. Seasons 1 and 2 were a lot of fun and then season 3 took a dark turn. The finale had a very Sarah Connor Chronicles feel to it, and a lot of my favorite characters have been killed off, so it should be interesting to see where the series goes from there. Kiera’s romance to the killer from the second timeline also didn’t feel very believable to me. BTW, Sonmanto and Monsanto are the same word with just the S and M switched.

  5. Bring on season 4 soon please with more than 11 episodes. This show in my opinion and probably a lot of other people is as good as the Dr Who series an the Star Trek series.

  6. I understand SY-FY in not financing production of shows. They seem to be wiling to purchase to US rights if SHOWCASE can make one executive decision. Continuum is by far the best Sy-FY show on TV that deals with relevant story lines. Game of Thrones is top notch and maybe better but it is pure fantasy. I enjoy both shows. I am though a Science Fiction not a Science Fantasy “fanatic”. I love the “what if and if then” applied to scientific possibilities and most of all the “human condition” applied to real life repercussions to the infinite choices facing us with tomorrows science. I know, a lot of words. Here is a “what if”. Everybody I know, everything I read not only rates Continuum as one of the best shows on TV and reviewers are saying it is getting better every season. I agree. I love this show. Shows are rated on the “TV ratings System”. The sell commercial slots by the minute. The show is “window dressing”. This show attacks the very people that Sy-Fy is selling commercial time to. The ratings system is paid for by the same people. That is how they know if they are “getting their monies worth”. IF we want Continuum to be renewed, we need to tell Showcase that there will be viewer repercussions . Is anybody going to tell me that Defiance is better than Continuum? As good maybe? I can see maybe, but not better. Believe half of what you see and nothing that you read. Is that not the default Science Fiction Fanatics ” motto”? So, why are we buying into the ratings posted for Continuum? Also, It has the “Death Slot”. Friday nights 10pm. That is that same time slot that killed Star Trek and Firefly. Get off your asses and DEMAND that Continuum gets their well deserved forth season! If they will not, we will tell them that we will not watch any “Showcase Shows”. Get off your asses!

    • I have been greatly disappointed that we have not heard that Continuum will be renewed. My hopes have dwindled.
      I wonder if the powers-that-be (future Corporate Congress) simply don’t like the messages and ideas presented in Continuum. As Elvis said: “This show attacks the very people that Sy-Fy is selling commercial time to.” I wonder if those people are finally catching on, and that’s why we’re potentially not going to see it renewed. Powerful people can implement powerful barriers.

      A similar theory is that the powers-that-be are insisting on re-writes to be a less realistic critique of modern society… And perhaps the negotiation on the re-writes is taking a long time.
      Just some theories. I still have a glimmer of hope that we’ll see a season 4.

    • Oh, and Defiance is a fun and interesting sci-fi show. It has some similarities to Firefly. It has great characters, and we get to explore interactions with other alien races in a potential future. However, the subject matter is not as deep as in Continuum.

  7. In the USA Continuum has the worst time slot of any show. Nobody has heard of it. AND it still does very well. Every person I have shown this show to has been very impressed with the exceptional storyline, scripts, casting and all production in general. You have a fantastic show. SyFy Channel has agreed to pick up. Thousands by the DVD and Blu Ray. What is the problem? Renew the show. The greatest books of all time are not the “best sellers”. I know this is nothing else but about company profits. You will make a profit. This show will show that Showcase is concerned and cares about the quality of programing the company choses to promote. With Defiance, Lost Girl and other new shows in your selection, Continuum is miles above in quality of programing. Continuum brings accountability and credibility to your line up. Renew the show please.

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