Time for Thanks Giving!

Happy Thanksgiving! As usual, my husband and I will likely enjoy some Chinese or Japanese food to continue our own Thanksgiving traditions. I won’t be eating turkey or watching football, but I am embracing another major Thanksgiving tradition: giving thanks.

Libby Rome and hearts
Libby thankful for her wonderful life

As I recently blogged in Why Am I Happy?, I am thankful for my wonderful life, and for the beauty and kindness in the world. I am thankful to wake up every day in a comfortable bed, under a roof, next to my sweet husband.

Giving thanks implies that the gratitude should be directed toward someone in particular. As an Atheist, I don’t believe a god created the cosmos or is involved in my life. So to whom do I give thanks?

I give thanks to all the living beings that contribute to life’s splendor. I also give thanks to the people (and animals) who spread love and who have enabled me (and others) to live a wonderful life.

To Whom Do I Give Thanks?

Thankful for my mom and dad
Thank you, Mom and Dad!

My mom and dad for bringing me into this world, then loving and taking care of me.

My family and friends for listening, for teaching me, for being supportive, and for being wonderful. Thank you to my mom, dad, and sister Wanda for their generosity to both Sarah and me. Thank you to my husband Dan for making my happiness, safety, and comfort his #1 priority for the past 19 years.

Myself for being positive, open-minded and courageous. I have been strong during challenging times, and I’ve made good decisions to contribute to my wonderful life. Thanks for your efforts, Libby!

Artists for beautifying the world, encouraging critical thinking, and for sharing their creativity. Life is greatly enhaced by many talented musicians, painters, sculpters, writers, make-up artists, fashion designers, architects, and other creative types. For example, my mother-in-law Whitehawk’s art provides joy and inspiration for many people.

Thank you jesus
Thank you to farmers!

First responders and other helpful citizens (for example, those who are currently fighting the horrific California wildfires). These people regularly risk their lives to save and help people they don’t know.

People who work toward positive changes for society. I appreciate all the people who share their time and efforts helping others. People who fight for civil rights, to end homelessness, and to promote peace. People simply being kind to one another can also make an impact.

People who work toward positive changes for animals. Animals can’t stand up for themselves, so I appreciate the humans who help. A recent example is the organization that trains orphaned pit bulls to be police service dogs.

People who work toward positive changes for the environment. There are many people who are devoting their life and talents to helping the environment. For example, people are inventing new technology to clean up our oceans.

Dr Banting says you’re welcome.
Thank you to Dr. Banting and his colleagues!

People who contribute to technological and scientific advancements. For example, I appreciate the scientists who took us to space, and I appreciate Sir Frederick Banting who figured out how to treat diabetics with insulin.

Animals. I am thankful to animals for enhancing our lives and keeping us healthy. For example, cats can sometimes naturally notify diabetics when their blood sugar is low. Dogs can be trained to do the same. So wonderful!


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