Reflecting on a Decade of Personal Change

This week I created an About Plibby page for my blog. I took time to consider which words describe me most accurately. (Winning words: fun-loving, free-thinker, and truth-seeker!) I also thought about what my passions and priorities are, and which activities I enjoy most in life.

Plibby in London
Plibby in London

As I pondered, I realized that a large majority of my answers would have been vastly different just 10 years ago. The fun-loving Plibby was always there, but the free-thinker and truth-seeker in me grew tremendously, and my priorities in life have shifted.

10 Ways I Have Changed in the Past Decade:

  1. I gained a broader perspective of the world and people.
    10 years ago I had only traveled as a tourist, and I knew little about other cultures/ideas and world history. I used to judge people based on how I thought they should live. Now I have lived in multiple countries and have been exposed to a plethora of new ideas and people. My experiences have helped me become more compassionate and patient.
  2. I woke up to the truth about the ruling elite, government corruption, and corporate greed.
    10 years ago I was apathetic and believed mainstream media. I now understand that I have been a slave to the system, and I must filter information and proactively seek the real truth. I no longer make decisions based on fear.
  3. I started being honest with myself about what I was eating and drinking.
    10 years ago I convinced myself that Diet Coke and low-fat processed food were healthy. I used to eat other animals because I allowed myself to think I needed their protein.  Now thoughtful eating is a passion for me. I also stopped drinking so much… a nice glass of wine or sake every couple of weeks is already indulgent.
  4. I changed my focus from triviality toward significance.
    10 years ago, a typical conversation might be about the details of my job, a TV show, the weather, or other people. Now I consider good conversation topics to be the meaning of life, the nature of the cosmos, and world politics.
  5. I changed my definition of happiness.
    10 years ago I was mostly just going through the motions of life, not giving much thought to how incredibly fortunate I am to have my life, health, and (some) freedom. Now I am extremely grateful, and I tend to look at the big picture.
  6. I changed my views on learning.
    10 years ago I spent my free time reading fiction and watching television. Now I typically read non-fiction and prefer thought-provoking films and documentaries. I place a high priority on educating myself daily.
  7. I changed my views on money.
    10 years ago I thought having a high-paying job was something everyone should strive for. Now I realize that the “richest” people are those who are surrounded by love and genuine happiness. I also now understand how the privately-owned Federal Reserve creates money and the monetary system keeps people in servitude. Within the system, I work for money to live, but I see it as a necessary evil in my lifetime.
  8. I developed a deeper confidence in myself.
    10 years ago I thought of myself as average, and I beat myself up over trivial things.  Now with a broader perspective and a focus on more significant ideas, I stopped comparing myself to others, except to be inspired.  I have always found make-up to be too gross and fake for my taste, but I did develop a fashion sense. For those who knew the tomboy Plibby, this new style comes as quite a shock.
  9. I became a minimalist.
    10 years ago I owned a home, a car, furniture, etc, and paid utilities, insurance, etc. I also used to scrabook and collect “knick knacks.” Then I got a taste of travel and a stronger understanding of the impact of consumerism. I gave away or sold most of my posessions, and now everything I own fits in one suitcase. I view owning things as both a burden and a waste.
  10. I became a blogger.
    Plibby's Blog10 years ago I didn’t journal or share my thoughts, and I didn’t do much personal research to improve myself. Look at me now… blogging about how much I have changed. Blogging is much more rewarding than I had imagined. It helps me organize my thoughts and my research, and it feels great to share with the world. Through comments and discussions, I may receive validation of my ideas, or I may learn alternate perspectives. We are all in different places in our change journey, so hopefully I can inspire others, while learning from those who are further along or on different paths in their journeys.

I am grateful for the opportunity to learn, share, and grow online with you.  I wonder how I will change over the next 10 years. Let’s see!


  1. You continue to amaze me, inspire me, excite me….congratulations on the positive changes in your life! Have you become aware of the importance of fermented foods? I just discovered and awesome website Check it out and tell me what you think. I do Kombucha every day and am determined to add Kiefer and veggies. xoxoxoxoxoxo Mom Whitehawk

    • Hi Mom Whitehawk,
      I checked out, and I was quite disappointed. The author is not an authoritative expert, and I find that her videos are not very good quality. The biggest problem I have with the site is that she wants you to pay for most of her videos, where she aparently she just tells you information that is already available for free elsewhere on the Internet.
      Instead, I use and recommend Wikipedia and other free sites like
      I usually get fermented vegetables into my daily diet. I have more research to do to make up my mind about the health benefits of all the fermented options.

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