My Bucket List

Life is short! The older I get, the more I realize it.   My bucket list contains the things I want to do, see, and experience before my life ends.

I had a mental bucket list in my teens and 20’s, but that list changed drastically by the time I hit 30.  As my understanding of the world evolved, my priorities changed.  Finally, a few years ago, at the age of 40, I officially documented my current bucket list.   As it turns out, I’ve done almost everything I wanted to experience.  I’ve been very fortunate to live such a fulfilling life!

Although many of the items are checked, many are still ongoing. For example, I’ve established healthy habits, but now I need to keep them up and continually improve them. I’m also happy to keep adding to my list.


Travel is an incredibly life-enriching element for me. I’ve greatly enjoyed experiencing different countries, but I’m certainly not ready for that to end. I still need to get myself to Japan, the Isle of Mull, and Iceland for starters. I have a strong feeling I’ll be adding to this travel bucket list for many years to come.


This month I am adding a new item to my bucket list: See monkeys in the wild!  I am now exploring the Republic of Panama, so my next blogs will be about my adventures here. Woo hoo!!!


  1. You are an amazing human being Libby and a great role model for women AND men. I am so happy that you chose Dan and therefore chose me! I am grateful that you record and share your adventures. I am there with you…even though we are not physically together, I enjoy the feelings and share the energy. Thank you my daughter.
    My Love Always,
    Mom Whitehawk

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