20 Year Book Anniversary

I am celebrating the 20th anniversary of publishing my first book. In June 1999 I published a Microsoft certification study guide called “IIS 4.”

IIS 4 Book Cover
Chovanec was my maiden name

I had recently graduated with a Management Information Systems degree and had started my Information Technology career at Compaq in Houston, Texas. I leveraged the plethora of training that Compaq offered to become a Microsoft Certified System Engineer. That certification allowed me to write my first book, IIS 4. Internet Information Server (IIS) is Microsoft’s software for serving up web pages in browsers. It still exists 20 years later, as version 10.

My book has little reference today, but I enjoyed the satisfaction of writing it, and the royalties weren’t bad either. I wrote and edited several more certification books but abandoned writing about 15 years ago because I felt I didnt have the time.

Fortunately, I have found the time to write once more, and this time I’m writing about more interesting topics: life transformations, travel, and hotel living. Hotel Sweet Home is coming to Amazon in July 2019!

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