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Hi, I’m Libby Rome! Over the past 2 decades, I have lived in Canada, the UK, the Netherlands (See 15 Things I Learned from Living Abroad), and all around the U.S.A.  I have also travelled around Central America and most of Europe.

I am an Information Technology (IT) consultant. I work remotely and live in hotels full-time.

I am a minimalist. Everything I own fits in one carry-on suitcase!

I am a free-thinker who enjoys reading, watching sci-fi, playing games, walking around nature, and playing with animals.

Libby on a KayakI have a wonderful husband and a daughter. My daughter is a global traveler who speaks multiple languages. She recently graduated with her master’s degree in Film Studies, and she lives in Amsterdam in the Netherlands (aka Holland 🇳🇱).

I like FUN and FOOD, and sometimes I blog about some DEEP THOUGHTS….

In 2017, I was misdiagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, lost a bunch of weight eating a whole food plant-based diet, then was correctly diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (insulin dependence). I became a Cyborg, and now I thrive! I had taken a break from travel, but now I am back to living life to the fullest again. Woo hoo!!!

And I journal through the journey.  Follow my story on LibbyRome.com or on Facebook.

Do you have a comment or question for me? Please send me a note….

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  1. I loved your “living in a hotel” post (found it from Rockstar Finance). And very refreshing to see you lay your atheism/humanism out there as a core part of who you are (from one atheist to another!).

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