About Libby

PlibbyHi, I’m Libby Rome. I am a minimalist who lives in hotels full-time!

Libby Rome and stormtroopers
I love Star Trek AND Star Wars

I greatly value honesty, freedom, open-mindedness, and compassion.

I am an Information Technology consultant and a science fiction enthusiast. 

As a free-thinker and an Atheist, I seek and share truth.  

My favorite activities include:

  • Having meaningful conversations
  • Traveling and experiencing a variety of cultures
  • Compassionate and healthy eating
  • Playing strategy games
  • Reading non-fiction, science fiction, and fantasy
  • Watching science fiction, fantasy, action, comedies, and documentaries
  • Hanging out with animals
  • Walking, especially in nature
  • Blogging

Do you have a comment or question for me? Please send me a note….

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  1. I loved your “living in a hotel” post (found it from Rockstar Finance). And very refreshing to see you lay your atheism/humanism out there as a core part of who you are (from one atheist to another!).

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