About Libby


Libby Rome

is a foodie and certified nutritionist with a focus on the Starch Solution, a whole food plant-based diet for weight management and optimal health. She has a passion for eating healthy and delicious food, as well as learning and helping others. 

Libby is also a minimalist who has travelled and lived in many countries around the world. She shares her story as well as helpful minimalist and travel tips in her book Hotel Sweet Home.

Libby and her husband visit their daughter Sarah in the Netherlands as often as they can. (Check out Libby’s posts on mother-daughter love.)

At the age of 43, Libby was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, a genetic auto-immune disease that prevents making insulin to break down carbohydrates. She now thrives as a Cyborg and enjoys a healthy diet to help manage her blood sugar (Check out her post on Mastering Diabetes). 

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