About Libby

Hi, I’m Libby Rome. I am a minimalist and global traveler who lives in hotels full-time!  I own no home and no car. I have no bills and no chores.  I love it!

Libby in May 2017

I am an Information Technology consultant. I typically work remotely from my hotel room…or, don’t be to jealous… the pool or beach. I am also a science fiction enthusiast.

The hotel lifestyle has been enjoyable and stress-free. However, my food choices and sendentary lifestyle led me to gain weight. In January 2017, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.  As of May 2017, I’ve lost a total of 40 pounds (size 12 to a size 2!) primarily through a plant-based, low fat diet. However, I still struggle with my diabetes. Follow my story on LibbyRome.com or on Facebook.

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  1. I loved your “living in a hotel” post (found it from Rockstar Finance). And very refreshing to see you lay your atheism/humanism out there as a core part of who you are (from one atheist to another!).

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