Libby Rome lives a carefree, luxurious life in hotels. She owns no home or car. She travels the world with only two carry-on bags. Libby has stayed thousands of nights in hundreds of hotels around the world, and has achieved the highest level status with the major chains. She works remotely from her hotel room, or wherever she desires, such as a Hawaiian beach or a café in Paris. Her minimalist hotel lifestyle is free of chores, errands, bills, and worries!

Hotel Sweet Home shares Libby’s story as well as helpful tips for anyone who visits hotels. 

Her husband travels with her, and they visit their daughter Sarah in the Netherlands as often as they can. (Check out Libby’s posts on mother-daughter love.)

Besides writing about hotel living and travel, Libby blogs about funfood, and deep thoughts.

In 2017, Libby was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (a genetic auto-immune disease that blocks the ability to make insulin to break down carbohydrates). She now continues her hotel living and travels as a Cyborg.

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