Alexa, What’s My Blood Sugar?

Now that I have become a Cyborg, I can leverage technology to make managing Type 1 Diabetes a bit easier.

Libby and her daughter Sarah at a Star Trek Convention in London, UK 2012

As a relatively simple first step, I wanted to be able to know my blood sugar at any time by simply asking my Amazon Alexa Smart devices.  By the way, I renamed my Alexa devices to “Computer” because I am a Trekkie.

My Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) already automatically checks my blood sugar (glucose) level every 5 minutes. I downloaded the Sugarmate app on my iPhone, signed it up as one of my Dexcom “Followers” then taught Alexa the Sugarmate skill. Moments later…

Me: “Computer, what’s my blood sugar?” while playing Spiderman pinball on my wall.

Alexa (aka “Computer”): “Sure, here’s Sugarmate. It’s 186 and steady. Last checked 1 minute ago.”


Hooray for cool technology… making life with diabetes more convenient and even FUN.

I am setting up more advanced capabilities too. I am using Nightscout, If This Then That (IFTTT), iOS Workflow, and Amazon Alexa to track my T1D related details and to notify me in smart ways when my blood sugar is getting too high or too low.  For example, see My Lights Blink Red When My Blood Sugar is Too High or Too Low.

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