I’ve Gone Camping Crazy!

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I have wanted to go camping my whole life. I never had the opportunity growing up, so when I had my own daughter, I  lived vicariously through her cool camping experiences. However, I’m finally getting my chance. As a matter of fact, I’ve signed up for THREE camps over the next year!

This upcoming weekend I’m attending a Type 1 Diabetes “Slipstream.” It’s “an active, social and educational weekend for adults living with Type 1 diabetes.” Although I prefer the description of a “weekend jam packed full of outdoor adventure, engaging workshops, great food and incredible people.” We are taking a ferry from southern Los Angeles to Catalina Island.  This will be the first time I’ll be meeting other Type 1 diabetics as a Type 1 diabetic. I hope to learn a lot from them.


Next April, I’ll be attending the Xenite Retreat. I’m joining my sister there; she’s a huge Xena fan, and every year she tells me stories about how very fun the retreat. It sounds like a great opportunity to try new things, enjoy nature, and meet nice people.  I was quite fortunate to grab a ticket for myself because they sold out almost immediately!

Libby with sleeping bag Then next September, I’ll be attending another Type 1 Diabetes camp for adults.  It’s a bit more rugged camping trip in the mountains in Southern California.  I’ve connected with some of the attendees via social media, and they are such fun people!

These 3 camps vary greatly in price and activities, but I’m confident I’ll have fun at all of them.

I have been counting down the days until my first camping weekend, and it’s finally here! I bought my first adult sleeping bag this week. As I kid, the only use I ever got out of my sleeping bag (actually, my sister’s hand-me-down) was slumber parties (ah, the memories!).

I will share my upcoming weekend with you, so stay tuned!


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