Alarming Trends in American Society

I wrote this article a couple of years ago, but it’s more true than ever.

Libby Rome

I grew up in Texas, then I lived abroad for a decade. Now that I have returned to the United States, I see many changes that concern me because of the negative impact to our health, to the pursuit of truth and knowledge, and to our world. I hope we can work together to turn these alarming trends around.

  • 1) We eat food that makes us fat and sick.

    Food labels
    The USDA promotes processed food, meat,  dairy, and corn because those are the biggest profit points for American corporations (see documentaries such as Forks Over KnivesFood Inc.King Corn, The World According to MonsantoFat, Sick, & Nearly Dead, and Food Matters). Food companies spend billions on marketing (and we believe the hype, otherwise they wouldn’t be spending the billions on marketing!) and for lobbying for favorable laws. Most of us do not read ingredients, and even if we…

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