The End of the Hotel Lifestyle

This week I moved into an unfurnished apartment Los Angeles, California. Up until recently, everything I owned fit in 2 carry-on pieces of luggage.  I’ve been living in hotels for years, as I’ve travelled around the world (See Libby’s Lifestyle FAQ for answers to the most common questions people have at this point.)

I was quite ill throughout June and July

So this move was a big deal for me.  I’ve had a rough time this year, as I was originally misdiagnosed as Type 2 diabetic in January, then after 2 Emergency Room trips in May, I learned I have Type 1 diabetes.   Apparently, the first few months this year I was in a “honeymoon phase” where the amount of sugar in my blood was fairly easy to control. Now,  I’m struggling.  Fortunately, I’ve been feeling better the past few weeks, but some days are good, and some days are still pretty crappy.  One of the most important things I desire is stability and a routine.  I greatly enjoyed my hotel lifestyle, but I also feel done with it. I’m ready to have “stuff” again.

This is everything my husband and I owned in life as of June 2017.
Eating healthy in hotels is possible, but not ideal. (yes, that’s carpet!)
Furniture shopping is fun. I didn’t end up buying this convertible sofa.

I am enjoying shopping for my new place. I still want to be a minimalist, so I am having fun shopping for just the “perfect” items for my new home. No more, no less than what my husband and I need to be comfortable.   No matter what, it still seems to  add up to  A LOT of stuff!

All My Belongings on Moving Day – August 8, 2017
Libby Rome working on floor in new living room
Working on Moving Day
My new bed

I am loving it so far, and I especially enjoy having a kitchen again!

I get to make cookies now! The staff at my apartment have already been enjoying them.

Goodbye, hotels, hello routine and a kitchen that will help me improve my health. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and care.  I’ll post more now that I’m feeling better.   Follow me on Facebook to make sure you get the updates.



  1. Thank you for sharing your life with everyone on the list. I still have your excel spreadsheet for hotel living. It’s great work! Enjoy nesting and your new apartment life. Blessings from the U.K.

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