Why I am Voting for Bernie Sanders

Here’s  a Countdown of the Top 10 Reasons I am Voting for Senator Bernie Sanders for U.S. President:

10.) Because corporations own the government.

Greedy corporations and the military industrial complex have control over the government, with increasingly more power over mainstream media, laws, and the election process.  Bernie Sanders refuses to accept corporate funds (Super PACS) for his campaign. He supports spending caps, and will help end the corruption and bribery. For example, Bernie is Koch’s Worst Nightmare!

Also, mainstream media ensures that we focus on insignificant details, such as conflicts between candidates. Bernie pushes mainstream media to talk about real issues.  Watch Bernie Take on the Media:

9.) Because the environment needs our help.

The current lifestyle of eating and wearing cheap products has been destroying our oceans (See the Great Pacific Garbage Triangle), the Earth, and animals at increasingly alarming rate.

Bernie is making corporations more accountable. He also supports investing in clean, sustainable energy sources and revolutionizing our electric and transportation infrastructure.

8.) Because animals need our help.

As an animal lover and Vegan, I want a president who supports animal rights. The food industry is incredibly cruel, and it needs to be much more humane and sustainable.  Bernie cares about animal welfare and has clearly shown he will fight for what’s right.

7.) Because the police are militaristic, and prisons over-populated.

The police are armed with military-grade armor and weapons, which encourages their ever-increasing brutality. We have growing numbers of police shootings, and a growing amount of police corruption (for example, why can police seize cash assets with arrest or warrant?) Also, our current laws and practices have made it so that the U.S. is #1 in the world for the number of prisons; it holds 25% of the world’s prison population! Bernie wants to end the war on drugs and the corruption of a private prison system.

6.) Because our government spies on us.

Big Brother is watching, via the NSA. Homeland security was implemented to bypass civil right laws. The TSA has proven to be worthless and demeaning. The IRS and police are regularly seizing citizens’ possessions just on suspicion. Whistle-blowers like Edward Snowden are treated like traitors instead of heroes. 1984, anyone? If you don’t think that government surveillance is an issue, please watch this video Why Privacy Matters.  Bernie stands for people’s rights, and he would end NSA spying.

5.) Because we must still fight for civil rights and equality.

Despite a person’s sex, race, or beliefs, everyone deserves to be treated humanely and equally.

Not me, usBernie supports initiatives that stand against racism and sexism, such as  #EqualWorkforEqualPay, #BlackLivesMatter, #LGBTRights or any other group that stands against racism and sexism.  Bernie also stands for us as employees, e.g., too many workers don’t get a reasonable amount of vacation time and critical family benefits.

4.) Because income inequality is huge.

Tax loop holes, general corporate greed, and the Federal Reserve system ensure the rich get richer and the poor get poorer (check out the documentary Inequality for All).

Also, most college graduates start their adult lives in a massive amount of student loan debt because of the increasingly high costs of university and the interest rates. Bernie supports using Wall Street taxation to enable all U.S. citizens to have a university degree.   A new educated generation will benefit our economy and our culture. Also, from Bernie’s site:

Over the next decade, it has been estimated that the federal government will make a profit of over $110 billion on student loan programs. This is morally wrong and it is bad economics.

3.) Because our health is suffering.

The USDA promotes processed food, meat, dairy, and corn because those are the biggest profit points for American corporations. Food companies spend billions on marketing and for lobbying for favorable laws. Corporations sponsor most of our nutrition research, biasing policies and education. Pharmauetical companies and doctors focus on treatment rather than prevention.

Bernie supports significant changes to the food industry. He supports labeling, and he is against the corrupt food companies like Monsanto.  Bernie also stands against the price-gouging pharmaceutical companies, supporting important regulation and oversight.  He also supports legalizing medical marijuana nationally, which would provide access to one of the most effective medicines in the world.

2.) Because Bernie has a long history of being a champion of the people.

Bernie at a Racial Equality Sit-in in 1962
Bernie at a Racial Equality Sit-in in 1962

Unlike most politicians, Bernie Sanders has been very consistent in his fights for income equality and against racism and sexism. He has been very vocal against the greed and corruption in the government as well.  For example, Bernie has been fighting against he banks throughout his career; check out this video from 1998.

Also, his focus tends to be on treating all people with kindness.  I want our  grandchildren to live in a peaceful world with less corruption and greed, and more kindness.

1.) Because Bernie is a genuine, caring person.

I have watched every democratic debate and have thoroughly researched  Bernie Sanders. It is clear that he is a compassionate person who cares deeply for the American people.

Bernie Sanders flying Southwest
Bernie Sanders flying Southwest (photo by me!)

I had the pleasure of meeting Bernie Sanders in person last October (2015). He was at the Las Vegas airport on his way to Burbank to be a guest on The Ellen Show.   I shook his hand and thanked him for all that he’s done for people, and he gave me a genuine heart-warming smile and warm handshake. He sat a few aisles in front of me on our Southwest flight. He had no bodyguards or entourage, and he carried his own luggage.

Unlike a  lot of politicians, Bernie seems like a decent, honest, humble person.  I respect and appreciate him, and I would love to see him as the next U.S. President.

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  1. This is truly awesome…Please make sure that this shows up widely on Facebook in a way that people will read it. I want my grandson Zack to see this. You know he changed his major to political science because he was so inspired by Bernie.


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