Waking Up from the American Dream

The Matrix is real

Growing up in the U.S., the system taught me that I should want to own a house, a car, and “things.”  The system said I should spend most of my adult life working, and that my “free” time should be spent buying things and participating in one of the government-approved pastimes (such as watching sports or TV). I lived that life for a while, and the rat race wasn’t for me. The best times in my life have been when I was travelling… experiencing new places, cultures, food, and ideas…. interacting with a variety of interesting people…. and gaining new perspectives.

While raising my wonderful daughter, I lived in 4 countries: U.S., Canada, UK, and the Netherlands. Now that my daughter is in university, I have a career as a travelling global consultant. When I travel for work, my living expenses are paid for by the company. When I am not traveling for work, I can live anywhere I want. My husband travels with me.

I don’t own a home, a car, furniture, nor any other products… except for one suitcase with my favorite clothes and a few toiletries.

I don’t pay utility bills. I don’t buy furniture, cleaning supplies, appliances, computer equipment, art, or knick knacks. I don’t run errands. I don’t pay for home insurance, home improvements, gasoline, tolls, car insurance, parking, or speeding tickets. If something I am using breaks, I tell someone, and they fix it…. no fees, no hassles.

I sleep on a big comfortable bed with a roof over my head every night. I have access to clean water, temperature control, and a variety of food all the time. A housekeeper cleans up my messes and makes my bed daily. I can watch documentaries or Netflix on a flat screen TV anytime I want. I even have free access to workout facilities and pools.

Now most of my time is truly free, and most of my income stays mine. I feel very fortunate to have this wonderful lifestyle. It’s far from living the “American dream,” but it’s much more fulfilling living my dream.


  1. […] Last year after watching several documentaries, I realized what excessive consumerism is doing to society and environment. I made the decision to become a true minimalist. I gave up most of my belongings, and now everything I own fits in one suitcase and a backpack.  (See my blog post Waking Up from the American Dream) […]


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