Hotel Sweet Home

Libby Rome lives in hotels full-time. She has no home and no car. She takes minimalism to the ultimate level, since everything she owns fits in two carry-on bags. Libby travels the world while working remotely from her hotel room, or wherever she desires, like a Hawaiian beach or a café in Paris. She has stayed thousands of nights in hundreds of hotels around the world. 

Libby has written an inspiring guidebook for shedding traditional constraints and embracing a carefree lifestyle. If you ever stay in hotels, you’ll find the handy tips and insider secrets especially useful. It’s essential reading to get the best rates and most enjoyable hotel experiences. Learn how to maximize loyalty perks, eat well in hotels, and ensure complimentary suite upgrades. Discover the intriguing hotel secrets that only experience (or this book) can teach you.

Hotel Sweet Home is available on Amazon!

Residents of the U.S. can purchase the ebook or paperback on (You can download the Kindle app to read Kindle ebooks on your device or PC.)

Canadians can purchase the ebook or paperback on

Amazon Japan sells both the ebook and paperback as well.

Europeans can purchase the paperback from Amazon France, Amazon Germany, or Amazon UK. The ebook is available on Amazon Italy.

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